YLCC Media is an organization that is devoted to empowering today’s youth to reach their full potential, by connecting with and educating students through engaging and relevant visual media and documentary films.

We are very proud to announce that our newest documentary film, Rising Above, produced in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, is now screening in select Cineplex theatres across Canada. Click here for more information and to see when the film will be in your city!

Rising Above tells the stories of a handful of Canadians who have either experienced bullying or exhibited bullying behaviour themselves, and  focuses on the positive ways in which these individuals were able to rise above their circumstances and the adversity they faced.


  • All events commence at 9:30am and run until 12:00pm, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Registration Prices:
    • $10.95 plus tax per student
    • An in-theatre snack (popcorn, drink and sweet treat) can be added for an additional $5.50 per person: total of $16.45 per student
    • Attending teachers and administrators are free of charge
  • All registration fees include admission to the full 3-hour program: watching the film, as well as interactive programming facilitated before, in the middle and at the end of the film
  • Should you have any questions about registering, please e-mail us at media@ylcc.com.
Calling all teachers and administrators!

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Any questions or concerns can be directed to our Program Director, Joel Murphy. He can be reaching by e-mail at joel@ylcc.com or by phone at (705) 715-7393.


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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Today and everyday, stand up to racism, xenophobia, and hate in all forms. #LeadTogether towards an inclusive future! #FightRacism
#accessibility : mosaic photo of Rising Above filmgoers https://t.co/h2MgwTbLPX
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Every positive word and action is step to making a better world. You are making a difference. #RisingAboveDoc #LeadTogether https://t.co/F5aWjAkqob YLCCmedia photo

We are so proud to partner with many strong and powerful women everyday. On #IWD2018 we highlight #RisingAboveDoc’s costars who represent #PressforProgress so wonderfully; calling for all to be and act gender inclusive. They #LeadTogether https://t.co/XqLEBxdvgZ YLCCmedia photo
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