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Reaching today's youth through relevant visual media and motivational films...

YLCC Media is an organization that is devoted to empowering today’s youth to reach their full potential, by connecting with and educating students through engaging and relevant visual media and films.

Our films highlight issues and challenges that are relevant to young people. Whether that is bullying, mental health issues, making good decisions, finding the right friends, or successfully making it through one of the transitional stages of life such as the transition from elementary school to high school…we will likely make a film about it! To keep current and cutting-edge, we produce and release a new film each year. New films premiere in the springtime with a school board and media event, followed by a nationwide release in September, aligned with the start of each new academic year.

Our first film, SOAR (Students who are Optimistic, Aware and Ready) focuses on the often difficult transition into high school, and helps students understand how to make the most of their high school years. Our second film, Rising Above tells the story of a handful of everyday Canadians who were or currently are victims of bullying in their own lives. The film chooses to focus on the positive ways in which these individuals were able to rise above their circumstances and the adversity they faced.

If you are a teacher interested in having your students attend a screening of one of our YLCC Media films, or a parent or student interested in being a part of this—we would love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail at [email protected].

To register to attend one of the events at a Cineplex theatre near you, please fill out and submit the registration form here. You will hear from our YLCC Media team with confirmation of your tickets within 24 hours from the time you submit your registration. Please be advised that space in the theatres is limited, so we encourage you to book as soon as possible. Any questions about registering can be directed to [email protected].


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